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The Mediterranean has long served as a cultural crossroads, luring pilgrims, tourists and emperors alike. But the region is far more than the vacation hotspots with which it is so often associated. More than 20 countries across three continents share the coastline, and the number of people, histories and cultures across the area make it one of the most diverse and fascinating places to explore. Visit French soccer stadiums and Spanish flamenco dance shows, trace the histories of Egypt’s stolen antiquities and get an up-close look at the global power of the Albanian mafia. You’ll also meet the unlikely surfers of the Gaza Strip and the displaced Syrians, driven out of their homes by violence, now rebuilding their lives in foreign lands. Alongside excellent writing and photography, the guide features one of our trademark cover illustrations, showcasing the many ways people have traversed these waters.

Our Mediterranean guide includes:


Keepers of Flamenco by Christina Zanfagna additional reporting by Anya de Marie
Tradition in motion

Olympique de Marseille by Sean Jacobs
A football team is the face of modern France

Where the Cool Kids Are by Angela Serratore
Mediterranean hot spots through the ages

Voices from the Pandemic 
Snapshots of the Mediterranean under COVID-19

Istanbul by Cassim Shepard
History unfolds in the capital of a long-gone empire

Map by Aidan Meighan

The Albanian Mob by Alex Hannaford
A small country with a not-so-small organized crime network

Greek Wine by Joelle Quinn
Mythic roots and family tradition

Zataari Refugee Camp by Zarlasht Halaimzai
Life in a camp for Syrian refugees

Egyptian Antiquities by Sarah El-Shaarawi
Egypt’s fight to bring its treasures home

Falling in Love with Italy by Saneta deVuono-powell
A Black American finds home abroad


What Remains of the Landscape by Txema Salvans

Gaza Surf Club by Andrew McConnell


Comrade Rosa by Vesna Maric


Literary Tour

First-Person Narratives
Stories from Syrians displaced by war