Product Description

With this volume, you’ll get a new and fascinating look into Scandinavia. Dive into freezing waters, where ice swimming is once again popular. Bask in the joys of kräftskiva, the summer crayfish celebration. Tour Norway’s humane prisons and learn the philosophy behind them. Discover the history of the region’s noir detective novels and the preponderance of heavy metal bands.

The face of the region is changing rapidly as each country grapples with the roles of new immigrants, indigenous Saami communities and rising right-wing nationalism. Climate change casts a particularly long shadow in a land of rapidly melting glaciers. In this guide, you’ll meet immigrants and refugees as they work to carve a place for themselves in Scandinavian society. You’ll stand on the ice of a glacier and see the impact of ocean acidification. You’ll travel into the Arctic circle with Saami photographer and reindeer herder Carl-Johan Utsi. It’s a special look at a fascinating region and one you won’t want to miss!