Product Description

On the cover of this volume, we call Chicago “America’s City.” That moniker might be controversial in certain circles. But in so many ways, Chicago helped create the vision of the modern American metropolis, not just by virtue of its skyscrapers and its public transportation, but also more broadly by building its identity around public, shared spaces. In Stranger’s Guide: Chicago, you’ll see this famous city from numerous vantage points—through the windows of the L trains, looking down from the skyscrapers and architectural monuments, sitting amongst the cheering crowds at Wrigley Field. You will also encounter the thriving Chicago Step scene, the city’s public schools and an ode to mild sauce and Chicago barbecue. The guide also explores the many parts of the city that too often go unacknowledged: the hope and broken promises that Chicago has come to symbolize for so many Black families, Project Fire, a program that helps young victims of gun violence heal from trauma through the art of glass blowing and the ways in which the legacy of the Haymarket Riot has been twisted and altered. 

An engaging, immersive look at one of the US’s favorite cities—read some of the essays here.